Chiara van den Hoven

Research-based artist, interested in tech + poetics

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Chiara van den Hoven

Research-based artist, interested in tech + poetics. 

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Finding His Iris

Installation at the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show.

Index: Web Portal

material list:

eyewash (4,000 ml) applied to the floor and walls

spruce veneers

steel brackets

synthetic organza

wall sections

09/05/22 - 11/06/22

Excerpt from the Index, web portal.

Art in Hospital: Scanography

Scanography (pdf)
Interview with Daisy Richardson

Artist placement with  Art in Hospital, an organisation which delivers an ongoing visual arts programme for patients in the healthcare areas of Medicine for Older People, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care and Community and Mental Health across the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde region of Scotland. The placement took place in Greenfield Park Care Home, The New Victoria Hospital and the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

A publication, titled ‘Scanography’, was made to document the work made by patients throughout this placement, and an interview of my thoughts on the project with Art in Hospital artist Daisy Richardson is available here.

20/12/21 - 20/04/22

Janette Murphy, Untitled, digital scan, Greenfield Park Care Home (GPCH), 2022.


Current research interests include: 

  • computational vs. poetic language

  • ventriloquism as a metaphor for technological voice-making

  • historic and cultural phenomena relating to the development of the computer 

  • structuralism

  • digital aesthetics

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Series of digital scans, ferrofluid on spruce wood. Exhibited at the Glasgow School of Art Drawing Show, 2022, Stow College. 

Excerpt from press release:

(anatomy) a slice of tissue, see: biopsy.

(biology) a division of a genus; a group of a species separated by some distinction from others of the same genus.

(architecture) a ‘section drawing’ shows a view of a structure as though its walls had been sliced open.”


Detail of ‘Section’ scan. 

Prints in installation view.